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App Review: Wonderglade for Daydream

This is a game targeted for Google Daydream ready phones. If you have a smartphone supporting Daydream VR, you have to test this game! We will do a write-up later on how to play Daydream games on your Moggles VR Headset. The motion hand controller can be emulated by your old smartphone you have laying around doing nothing.

This game actually consists of several small arcade like games. Simply steer your character to a locked up game and enter. Mini golf, basketball and fire fighting are some of the available missions. Every game uses the motion hand controller for throwing/shooting/smashing and makes the experience much more immersive.


  • Makes full use of the motion hand controller in a realistic way.
  • Several small games in one.
  • Great graphics.


  • Short game play on each game.
  • A bit hard to navigate

Rating 5/5

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