moggles Web VR App!

Works with both Android and iOS
Switches to Moggles mode for your personal VR settings
Easy access to relevant smartphone settings
Locks the phone in landscape mode
Switches off the screen saver
Saves your personal settings
Algorithms for head rotation and position tracking
Connects with hand controller via Bluetooth
Javascript API, drag and drop to connect to any web content (for creators)
How it works.
Enables Web Content!

Today, there are around 100 different demo apps in variouos app stores. A problem is that you have to download them to your phone and take the phone out in order to switch between apps. Until now you havenĀ“t been able to browse and chose VR experiences in a user friendly way.

The Moggles app is making VR easy to create, use, browse and share. Stream videos, browse pictures, find games and share links to exciting experiences with your friends. No downloads needed. You browse in a seamless user interface. With modern web standards, 3D content in browsers are easy, efficient and works with any phone without app specific code.

To be able to create low latency head position (camera vision) and rotation tracking (sensor fusion), the algorithms needs to run close to the sensors. With the Moggles app, calculations runs in the app and the content runs in your browser, creating the best VR performance.

The app also customizes your phone for VR mode: locking it in landscape mode, turning the screen saver off, adjusting the display brightness and connects to the hand controller. One button to turn your smartphone into Moggle mode. The Moggles app takes care of all the VR-specific stuff so that third party developers can focus on the content for the best user experience!
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