Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please have a look at the FAQ. Maybe they will answer your questions.

Unfortunately no. Moggles is designed to be rather small to make them truly portable. Some persons can use Moggles without their glasses, the lenses built in to Moggles will correct focal problems slightly, to some extent. We recommend using contact lenses if Moggles is out of focus. We are working on focal adjustment for the next version.

It all depends on the outer dimensions of your smartphone. All phones up to 5.5″ will fit, even some with 6″ displays. The maximum outer dimensions supported is 160 x 80 x 10 mm. The experience is also better with a high resolution display and fast GPU/CPU. The best thing is that when you buy a new phone, you will get a better VR experience for free!

Yes! When we started this project there were none. Thanks to the Google Cardboard/Daydream project there are now several hundred apps and that number is increasing every day!

There are several factors to why some people get nauseous from using head mounted displays. Most importantly is the conflict in your brain, you see movement but your body isn’t moving. This can be reduced by designing the user experience in a smart way. We also do reduce this factor by reading your actual movements, so you can not only look around but also walk around in VR, this technology is called SLAM positioning by using the smartphone camera.